The Royal Alcázar of Seville, Dream of Dorne

The Royal Alcázar and its garden

After departing Madrid, I spent one night in Seville, the capital of Andalucia in southern Spain. This region is so different from the north, its beauty simply takes my breaths away.

Entering the complex

The first thing on my list here was to see the Royal Palace Alcázar, a filming location for Dorne in the mega hit HBO series, Game of Throne. Yes I am a GOT fan!

Interior inside the palace
Moorish influence, resulting a mesmerizing architecture

Did you remember how mesmerized you were when seeing Dorne for the first time? Here I am at the Royal Alcázar and feel like I am dreaming.

Seville’s royal palace complex was believed to have been built in the 10th century. This architectural wonder is a result of a combination of Mudejar (Moorish) and Gothic styles.

Mudejar arts, colourful tiles

The palace was built by the Muslim Moorish dynasty. Later on the Christians regained the power in the region, and the additional constructions began. For me this is the greatest harmony of Muslims and Christians work of arts.

Moorish interior

It is the product of many monarchs throughout the great history. The decoration, ornaments and architecture of Islamic, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance styles will stun you.

Dream of Dorne

A high speed train from Madrid which takes about 2.5 hours will take you to Seville. Alternatively, you can fly to Seville Airport from many major cities in Europe. If you do not have many days to spare, I suggest a night or two will be good here.

The Royal Alcázar was declared UNESCO site in 1987
Peacocks walk freely in the garden

The Royal Alcázar, along with the Seville Cathedral which is located just in front of the Alcazar are UNESCO site.

Seville Cathedral, located in front of the Royal Alcázar, also a UNESCO site

Winter is slow season for Europe, I was lucky to be able to walk-in and got the ticket. If you visit in Spring or Summer, an advance purchase of the ticket would be a good idea and will save you time.

A little courtyard

The general admission is 11.50 Euros. For ticket purchase and opening hours, visit

The Royal Alcázar
Even if you are not Game of Thrones fan, but The Royal Alcázar should stay on your to-see list in Seville and you will not be disappointed.
The palace has large gardens, please spare at least two hours for your visit
You will see a lot of orange trees in Andalucia, there were brought by the Arabs
Me with the Mudejar arts, the colourful bricks