Cappuccino in Italy

I love Cappucino! Don’t you just love the creamy milky foam on top that gives you smooth, wam and relaxing pleasure. I order it in the morning and afternoon when I go to a coffee shop in Thailand. Thais love coffee with milk and with ice! But but but….when you are in Italy, you may need to leave that habits behind. What I learned during my travels and hanging out with Italians in Italy, they drink cappuccino only before noon. They consider coffee with milk, like the lovely cappuccino, as breakfast. In the afternoon, they only drink Espresso, or if they crave for milk, they will go for Caffè macchiato which is espresso with a little milk foam on top.

So next time you are in Italy, you know when to order your cappuccino. I love it with a croissant (In Italian- they call it cornetto) with jam or Nutella inside, a perfect breakfast for me!

Buongiorno! Vorrei un cornetto con la Nutella e un cappuccino!

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